Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind

by Francis Hutcheson

Hardcover, 2006



Liberty Fund (2006), Edition: New Edition, 265 pages


"With the publication of Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind, Liberty Fund presents, for the first time in English, Francis Hutcheson's teachings regarding logic and metaphysics. The texts of A Compend of Logic and A Synopsis of Metaphysics represent Hutcheson's only systematic treatments of logic, ontology, and pneumatology, or the science of the soul, topics that were considered indispensable for the instruction of students in the eighteenth century. Originally composed in Latin, they were intended for classroom use and belong to a textbook tradition of commentary on the writings of others. James Moore states that "some of the most distinctive and central arguments of Hutcheson's philosophy - the importance of ideas brought to mind by the internal senses, the presence in human nature of calm desires, of generous and benevolent instincts - will be found to emerge in the course of these writings.""--Jacket.… (more)


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