Planning for Freedom: Let the Market System Work

by Ludwig Von Mises

Hardcover, 2008


Liberty Fund (2008), 188 pages


In this anthology, Mises offers an articulate and accessible introduction to and critique of two topics he considers especially important: inflation and government interventionism. According to Mises, inflation, that is monetary expansion, is destructive; it destroys savings and investment, which are the basis for production and prosperity. Government controls and economic planning never accomplish what their proponents intend. Mises consistently argues that the solution to government intervention is free markets and free enterprise, which call for reforming government. For that, ideas must be changed to "let the market system work." There is no better "planning for freedom" than this. - Publisher.


Original language


Original publication date

1962 (rev.)
1974 (rev.)
1980 (rev.)

Physical description

188 p.; 6 inches


0865976600 / 9780865976603

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