Rethinking Business Management: Examining the Foundations of Business Education

by Samuel Gregg (Editor)

Other authorsJames R. Stoner Jr. (Editor)
Hardcover, 2008



ISI Distributed Titles (2008), Edition: 2, 220 pages


Two developments in the business world have brought to a head the crisis of ethics. On the one hand, against the backdrop of the astonishing success of global markets, major corporate scandals have raised concerns about integrity in business. At the same time, cultural and technological trends are questioning the philosophical assumptions about the human person upon which modern economics is based.""Rethinking Business Management: Examining the Foundations of Business Education"" draws together the work of distinguished scholars and professionals from history, medicine, law, economics, theology, philosophy, and business management. This groundbreaking book offers new, person-centered perspectives on business management and business education for the twenty-first century. This unique volume offers equally profound insights for practicing managers as for business educators, historians, theologians, political theorists, and philosophers.These insights include: effective management must be based on sound business science and robust ethical and anthropological conceptions of human flourishing; profit is an essential and indispensible element of success in business, and needs to be grounded in a broader understanding of human flourishing in business; cultivating an understanding of the moral life in business requires more than rules; and, developing virtuous character is needed to protect and promote human fulfillment rather than simply making business life more predictable.… (more)


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