Aristotle: The Politics and the Constitution of Athens

by Aristotle

Other authorsDr Stephen Everson (Translator)
Paperback, 1996



Cambridge University Press (1996), Edition: 2nd ed., 327 pages


This new collection of Aristotle's political writings provides the student with all the necessary materials for a full understanding of his work as a political scientist. Not only does it offer an unusually lucid and accessible account of The Politics, it also shows the relation between this and his studies as a constitutional historian. Only one of Aristotle's many constitutions - The Constitution of Athens -has survived and this is now presented here alongside The Politics so that the student can appreciate both the empirical and the theoretical aspects of Aristotle's political science. This expanded Cambridge Texts edition contains an extensive guide to further reading and an index of names with biographical notes, in addition to a revised and extended introduction. Presentation of The Politics and The Constitution of Athens in a single volume will make this the most attractive and convenient student edition of these seminal works currently available.… (more)


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327 p.; 5.43 inches


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