The Classics

by Mary Beard

Hardcover, 2010



Sterling (2010), Edition: Ill, 192 pages


this short and brilliant book... is now re-issued in an attractive pocket-sized format... amazing range of reference... very clear organisation. JT, Anglo-Hellenic Review, No.22, 2000.'nobody could fail to be informed and entertained - and the accent of the book is provocative and stimulating.' -TLS'Lively, and shows classics as a living enterprise, not a warehouse of relics.' -New Statesman and Society'Beard and Henderson have suceeded brilliantly in communicating the sheer breadth of Classics in this Very Short Introduction.... In language accessible to non-specialist and student alike, Beard and Henderson illustrate how Classic encompasses not just a study of the ancient world, but also of its traditions of scholarship and its influence on the culture of the western world...... This book does not fail to challenge and provoke. Nor does it ignore the problems and current issues that beset the subject and its teaching, but presents them even handedly and with humour, eschewing propaganda.... A stimulating addition to the school library.' -JACT review'The authors show us that Classics is a 'modern' and sexy subject. They succeed brilliantly in this regard nobody could fail to be informed and entertained-and the accent of the book is provocative and stimulating.' -John Goodwin, Times Literary Supplement'Statues and slavery, temples and tragedies, museum, marbles, and mythology-this provocative guide to the Classics demystifies its varied subject-matter while seducing the reader with the obvious enthusiasm and pleasure which mark its writing.' -Edith Hall, author of Inventing the Barbarian'You could not find two better introducers to the Classics than Mary Beard and John Henderson. They are questioning, funny, bold, and widely read in many fields. They could not be dull if they tried.' -Philip Howard, columnist for The Times'This little book should be in the hands of every studentm and every tourist to the lands of the ancient world - a splendid piece of work.' -Peter Wiseman, author of Talking to Virgil'For those who think Classics is just the dry as dust learning of dead languages this arresting book will come as a rude shock. This is no potted history of Greece and Rome, but a brillian demonstration that the continual re-excavation of our classical past is vital if the modern world is to rise to the challenge inscribed on the temple of Apollo at Delphi to 'Know yourself'.' -Robin Osborne, author of Demos: The Discovery of Classical Attica… (more)


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