Ethics and Economic Affairs

by Alan Lewis (Editor)

Other authorsKarl-Erik Wärneryd (Editor)
Hardcover, 1994



Routledge (1994), 416 pages


There has been a remarkable growth of interest in the ethical dimension of economic affairs. Whilst the interest in business ethics has been long-standing, it has been given renewed emphasis by high profile scandals in the world of business and finance. At the same time many economists, dissatisfied with the discipline's emphasis on self-interest and individualism, and by the asocial nature of much economic theory, have sought to enlarge the scope of economics by looking at ethical questions. In this volume a group of interdisciplinary scholars provide contributions which include evaluations of work in business ethics, empirical studies of such issues as social and ethical investing, the place of ethics in the new economics and perspectives from other disciplines.… (more)


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