Global Neighbors: Christian Faith and Moral Obligation in Today's Economy

by Douglas A. Hicks (Editor)

Other authorsMark Valeri (Editor)
Paperback, 2008


Eerdmans (2008), Edition: 1St Edition, 304 pages


How can people of faith meet the challenge of living morally and faithfully within an increasingly globalized society? Much of the debate about the global market economy is polarized between pro-market ideology and anti-globalization activism. Global Neighbors sidesteps that dichotomy, presenting instead a nuanced, constructive approach. Leading theologians, ethicists, economists, and church leaders here examine the Christian call to live morally, faithfully, and responsibly in today's global marketplace and offer alternative perspectives to such utilitarians as Peter Singer. Contributors: Robert D. Austin Rebecca M. Blank Lee Devin William Goettler Eric Gregory Douglas A. Hicks Janet Parker Rebecca Todd Peters Shirley J. Roels Mark Valeri Jeff Van Duzer Kent Van Til Thomas W. Walker… (more)


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304 p.; 6 inches


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