Readings in Health Care Ethics

by Elisabeth Airini Boetzkes

Other authorsElisabeth Boetzkes (Editor), Wilfrid J. Waluchow (Editor)
Paperback, 2000


Broadview Press (2000), 605 pages


Readings in Health Care Ethics provides a wide-ranging selection of important and engaging contributions to the field of health care ethics. Designed as a course text for undergraduate use, the anthology includes fifty-six selections grouped into ten sections. Included are a wide range of the most important essays both on long standing issues in biomedical ethics (such as consent, euthanasia, and research involving human subjects); and on issues that have particularly come to the fore in recent years, such as the allocation of scarce medical resources, and genetic alteration.An extensive introduction provides a accessible general overview of ethical theory for those without previous familiarity with philosophical concepts.


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