The Winds of Freedom: Addressing Challenges to the University

by Gerhard Casper

Hardcover, 2014


Yale University Press (2014), 248 pages


As president of Stanford University, Gerhard Casper established a reputation as a tireless, forward-thinking advocate for higher education. His speeches, renowned for their intelligence, humanity, wit, and courage, confront head-on the most pressing concerns facing our nation's universities.   From affirmative action and multiculturalism to free speech, politics, public service, and government regulation, Casper addresses the controversial issues currently debated on college campuses and in our highest courts. With insight and candor, each chapter explores the context of these challenges to higher education and provides Casper's stirring orations delivered in response. In addressing these vital concerns, Casper outlines the freedoms that a university must encourage and defend in the ongoing pursuit of knowledge.… (more)


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