Western Civilization and the Academy

by Bradley C. S. Watson (Editor)

Other authorsPatrick J. Deneen (Contributor), Anthony M. Esolen (Contributor), Daniel J. Mahoney (Contributor), Norma Thompson (Contributor), Stephen H. Balch (Contributor), Toby Huff (Contributor), Rob Koons (Contributor), Anthony O'Hear (Contributor)
Hardcover, 2015


Lexington Books (2015), 154 pages


This volume brings together leading thinkers who offer reflections on the place of Western civilization in the academy, at a time when there is indifference or even antipathy toward the study of the West at most institutions of higher learning. Alternative narratives--including multiculturalism, diversity, and sustainability--have come to the fore in the stead of Western civilization. The present volume is designed to explore the roots, extent, and long-term consequences of this educational climate: How and why did undergraduate education turn its back on what was once an important component of its mission? To what extent has such change affected the experience of undergraduates and the ability of colleges to educate citizens of a constitutional republic? What are the likely individual and social outcomes of such a shift in educational priorities? The volume's theme is, and will continue to be, the subject of national scholarly and media attention.… (more)


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