Henry George and Europe : the far-reaching impact and effect of the ideas of the American social philosopher, Vol. 4 of the George Studies Program

by Michael Silagi

Other authorsWill Lissner (Editor), Dorothy Burnham Lissner (Editor), Susan N. Faulkner (Translator)
Paperback, 2000

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New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, c2000.


A study of the impact and influence on European economic and social thought achieved by an American economist by his speaking and writing. This pathbreaking work demonstrates that cultural history can illuminate the past and present when developed by a researcher trained in economics and jurisprudence and based on a comprehensive study of existing documents. George's social philosophy was seen in Europe as synthesizing Jefferson, the earlier Enlightenment and Mother Earth. As a dissident economist and radical liberal philosopher he was a catalyst for British social reform. In Germany and Hungary he launched movements toward a freer society whose progress was only halted by fascist and communist dictatorship. Silagi's work proves that the individual and the small group can make an enduring difference, opening the way to future progress in spite of the obstacles of historical circumstances. Please contact us for a free catalog. Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 149 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016-6713; Phone: 212-683-6424. Fax: 212-683-6454, 800-269-9555. E-mail: Staff@schalkenbach.org, Website: www.schalkenbach.org.… (more)



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