Dictionary of free-market economics

by Fred E. Foldvary

Hardcover, 1998

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Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 1998.


This important and original dictionary presents for the first time in an easily accessible form a wide range of terms and concepts used in free-market economics. It includes entries on theories of the market economy, as well as empirical studies of economic freedom and informative biographies of free-market economists. Standard dictionaries in economics often omit many terms used in free-market economics, and also place a different interpretation on some terms and concepts, such as 'intervention', 'regulation', 'ownership and 'public goods'. In addition, they often do not include references on important and controversial topics such as free banking. This Dictionary includes definitive entries that are not covered elsewhere, as well as explaining key terms and concepts from the Austrian, Chicago, Virginia Public Choice, Law and Economics and Georgists schools of thought. It also incorporates the essential points of a particular topic, concept or term used in law, finance and classical liberal philosophy as well as many basic terms used in economics. Sorted alphabetically, with extensive cross-referencing this dictionary provides concise and clear definitions of common as well as less well known concepts used in free-market economics.This Dictionary will be an essential source of reference for all those in the public choice and Austrian schools as well as those with an interest in free-market economics.… (more)



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ix, 307 p.; 25 cm


1858984327 / 9781858984322




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