Two views of social justice : a Catholic/Georgist dialogue

by Kenneth R. Lord (Editor)

Hardcover, 2012

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Malden, MA : Wiley Blackwell, 2012.


This volume is the first of its kind, bringing together adherents of two major schools of thought that have sometimes been in bitter opposition to one another to address critical issues of our time. The dialogue that ensues is often pointed and sometimes contentious, but it offers insights and holds out the prospect of collaborative moral, economic, scholarly and policy collaboration in ways that could yield solutions to some of the key challenges of contemporary society. Brings together prominent figures from the schools of Catholic social thought, and the ideas propounded by the great 19th-century social and economic thinker, Henry George Issues discussed include: natural law, human nature, nature of work, the papal encyclical Rerum Novarum, causes of war, immigration, development and wealth, and neighbourhood revitalization Demonstrates the benefits of moral, economic, scholarly, and policy collaboration, and how it could yield solutions to some of the key challenges of contemporary society Offers a timely reminder that recent years have brought the reality of human suffering to light in vivid ways, and that issues of social justice have assumed greater urgency in public discourse… (more)



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469 p.; 24 cm






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