The science of political economy : a reconstruction of its principles in clear and systematic form

by Henry George

Hardcover, 1981

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New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, reprinted 1992


Economist HENRY GEORGE (1839-1897) was, at the height of his popularity in the 1880s and 1890s, considered the third most famous American, behind Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, and his liberal philosophies on taxation, copyrights, poverty issues, and more continue to influence progressive movements today. This is George's grand overview of the science and philosophy of economics, from the largest question-what do we mean by "civilization"?-to the most specific: what is the difference between money and wealth? A replica of a manuscript written in the 1890s and unpublished at the author's death, this remains a vital resource for anyone wishing to understand economics from a financial, legal, and even moral perspective. ALSO FROM COSIMO: George's Progress and Poverty, The Condition of Labor, A Perplexed Philosopher, Protection or Free Trade, and Social Problems… (more)




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xlv, 545 p.; 22 cm


091131251X / 9780911312515




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