America Is Not Broke

by Scott Baker

Other authorsRob Kall (Foreword)
Hardcover, 2015



San Francisco, CA: Tayen Lane Publishing


AMERICA IS NOT BROKE! FOUR MULTI-TRILLION DOLLAR PATHS TO A THRIVING AMERICA "Scott Baker has written a valuable, important book which offers practical, yet dynamic and untapped solutions that could be major game changers for the US, for struggling states, cities and counties. Better, these solutions serve the 99% and undermine and take away power from big banks and finance companies. Arthur Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Baker's ideas may look like magic but they are rooted in visionary, solid thinking and ideas." --Rob Kall, Publisher,, Host, The Rob Kall Bottom-Up Radio Show 1360 AM, reaching metro Philly & S. Jersey "Scott Baker, a reliable and powerful supporter of the public banking movement, has now taken his writing and activism to the next level in writing America Is Not Broke! This book dispels the myths about public banking and our monetary system in general. It is welcome outside-the-box thinking and I heartily endorse it." --Ellen Brown, J.D., Founder, Public Banking Institute, Author of Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution AMERICA IS NOT BROKE! The unsustainability of the American economy is as familiar as the newscycle. There is no money for social programs, no money to run the government, no money to cut taxes, and above all, we have to cut, cut, cut. But, what if it's not true? Instead of familiar complaints about the national debt, leading to just slicing a shrinking economic pie differently, or worse, to Austerity Economics, the reality is that we already have all the wealth we could ever need. The tried and proven proposals in America Is Not Broke would guarantee America's prosperity, fairness, democracy, and economic and ecological sustainability. Four multi-trillion dollar reforms: Sovereign Money, Georgism, Public Banking, and Ending Government Financial Asset Hoarding, plus a few other major reforms, show how we can have it all, if we only learn where to look. AUTHOR, SCOTT BAKER Scott Baker is an Activist-Journalist and a Managing & Economics Editor at the top 100 blog, Opednews. He is a lecturer at the New York Henry George School, President of the New York chapter of the Georgist group Common Ground USA, and New York Coordinator for the Public Banking Institute. He has advocated for economic reforms on TV, radio, web and print media, and directly to local civic groups and politicians. Scott lives in New York City with his wife, where he is a biking advocate and ride leader.… (more)

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