Social problems

by Henry George

Hardcover, 1949

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New York: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation


Henry George, the 19th century American economist, wrote SOCIAL PROBLEMS in 1883 after his enormously popular PROGRESS & POVERTY, a bestseller read by millions since its first printing in 1879. This 1996 printing of SOCIAL PROBLEMS is the first in a redesigned series of the centenary editions. The new color scheme is elegant, with the original graphic--striking in its depiction of impoverished children--retained on the jacket cover. The contents of this compelling book are 22 essays in which George prophesies that the closing of the American frontier will lead to housing & job shortages, the rise of corporations, agribusiness, pollution, & the relentless increase in poverty that threatens world peace. Brief, dynamic chapters on issues still relevant today keep this book in demand. A paperback edition ($8) is also available from Schalkenbach. Please call, write, or fax us for a free catalog of publications. Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, 41 East 72nd St., New York, NY 10021. Tel. 212-988-1680; fax 212-988-1687; e-mail; toll-free 800-269-9555.… (more)



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256 p.; 20 cm




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