Advances in corpus applications in literary and translation studies

by Riccardo Moratto

Other authors(Professor) Defeng Li (Editor.)
Paper Book, 2023

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Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2023.


"Moratto and Li present contributions focusing on the interdisciplinarity of corpus studies, with a special emphasis on literary and translation studies which offer a broad and varied picture of the promise and potential of methods and approaches. Inside scholars share their research findings concerning current advances in corpus applications in literary and translation studies, and explore possible and tangible collaborative research projects. The volume is split into two sections focusing on the applications of corpus in literary studies and translation studies. Issues explored include historical backgrounds, current trends, theories, methodologies, operational methods and techniques, as well as training of research students. This international, dynamic, and interdisciplinary exploration of corpus studies and corpus application in various cultural contexts and different countries will provide valuable insights for any researcher in literary or translation studies who wishes to have a better understanding when working with corpora"--… (more)






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