Only yesterday; an informal history of the nineteen-twenties

by Frederick Lewis Allen

Paper Book, [1946]

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New York, NY: Harper [Bantam edition published 1946, second printing 1950]


Jazz, flappers, flasks, rumbleseats, and raccoon coats; Mah Jong, crossword puzzles, marathon dancers, and flagpole sitters; Red Grange, Rudolph Valentino, and Lucky Lindy. These were the catch words of the roaring, irrepressible '20's. But so were the Boston Police Strike, the K.K.K., women's suffrage, Sigmund Freud, Sacco and Vanzetti, Teapot Dome, Black Tuesday. In this span between armistice and depression, Americans were kicking up their heels, but they were also bringing about major changes in the social and political structure of their country. Only Yesterday is a fond, witty, penetrating biography of this restless decade-a delightful reminiscence for those who can remember, a fascinating firsthand look for those who've only heard.



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370 p.; 22 cm


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