The CIA in Guatemala : the foreign policy of intervention

by Richard H. Immerman

Paperback, 1982

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Austin : University of Texas Press, 1982.


A history and analysis of the United States' involvement in the deposition of Guatemalan President Jacobo √Ārbenz and the consequences. Using documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, recently opened archival collections, and interviews with the actual participants, Immerman provides us with a definitive, powerfully written, and tension-packed account of the United States' clandestine operations in Guatemala and their consequences in Latin America today. "A valuable study of what Immerman correctly portrays as a seminal event, not just in the annals of the Cold War, but in U.S.-Latin American relations." --Washington Monthly "A damning indictment of American interference abroad." --Pittsburgh Press "A masterpiece of analysis." --Reviews in American History… (more)



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x, 291 p.; 24 cm


0292780451 / 9780292780453


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