Land and Freedom [Twenty Lessons for High School American Studies Classroom Instruction]

by Stan Rubenstein

Unbound paper, 1988

Local notes

Abstract:Twenty self-contained lessons about land and freedom feature activities that can be used with high school social studies classes. The lessons are: Indian Land Ownership, The Dutch and the New World, Colonial Mercantilism, the Declaration and Natural Rights, Jefferson and Liberty, Louisiana Purchase, the Tariff Issue of 1824, Panic of 1837, John Jacob Astor--America's Wealthiest Man, the Antirent Riots in New York State, Irish Immigration, the Mexican Cessions, Railroad Land Grants, Homestead Act, Forty Acres and a Mule, Imperialism in Central America, the Closing of the Frontier, the Reform Period and Henry George, Roosevelt--the Deficit and the New Deal, and Land--Our National Heritage. Each lesson includes a theme, a sub-theme, background, concepts, performance objectives, and related texts.

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New York, NY: Robert Schalkenbach Foundation


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