Food first : beyond the myth of scarcity

by Frances Moore Lappé

Other authorsJoseph Collins (Author.), Cary Fowler (Author.)
Hardcover, 1977

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Boston : Houghton-Mifflin, 1977.


Abstract: Dispelling old myths regarding the root causes of hunger, a prescription for food self-reliance, applicable to developing and industrial countries, is detailed as the only path toward true self-reliance. In question and answer format, commonly accepted obstacles such as insufficient production, inappropriate technology, and discriminatory trade practices in meeting the world's food needs are considered. Hunger is a social problem rather than a technical problem, and calls for America as well as developing countries to explore their values and modes of operation. Putting food first requires that each country meet its own food needs before exports, and requires planning and a struggle against a system that increasingly concentrates wealth and power in a few.… (more)



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xi, 466 p.; 22 cm


0395253470 / 9780395253472


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