The life of Henry George

by Henry Jr. George

Hardcover, 1943

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New York : Robert Schalkenbach Foundation


Economist HENRY GEORGE (1839-1897) was, at the height of his popularity in the 1880s and 1890s, considered the third most famous American, behind Mark Twain and Thomas Edison, and his liberal philosophies on taxation, copyrights, poverty issues, and more continue to influence progressive movements today. This loving and inspiring biography, written by his son just after his father's death and published in 1900, draws on letters, journals, and other firsthand material, tells the tale of a boy sailor, apprentice printer, and would-be gold miner who transformed the world of work and hardship he saw around him into a new way of thinking about mankind's usage of the planet's wealth and stewardship of its own inner resources. This is an essential work for understanding and appreciating how one of the most significant thinkers in American history developed his values and beliefs through uniquely American experiences.… (more)



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634 p.; 20 cm


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