The first Lafayette College Henry George conference: June 13-14, 1991 conference papers

by Jerome Heavey (Conference coordinator)

Other authorsThomas L. Martin (Contributor), Robert V. Andelson (Contributor), James M. Dawsey (Contributor), Will Lissner (Contributor), Mason Gaffney (Contributor), Lowell C. Harriss (Contributor), Jack Schwartzman (Contributor), Ian Lambert (Contributor), Herbert Barry (Contributor), Kris Feder (Contributor), Steven B. Cord (Contributor)2 more, Rexford A. Ahene (Contributor), E. Robert Scrofani (Contributor)
Conference Publication, 1991

Local notes

"Democracy in the 21st century" by Will Lissner
"Henry George citations in social science publications 1966-1990" by Herbert Barry
"Land, Labor, and Capital: A Critique of Henry George's Categories" by Kris Feder
"Neo-Classical Economics as a Defense Against Henry George" [DRAFT] by Mason Gaffney
"Henry George's Theory of International Trade" by C. Lowell Harriss
"Henry George and Trade Theory" by Thomas L. Martin
"On Interest Originating from Invested Rent" by Robert V. Andelson
"Real Estate and the Business Cycle: Henry George's Theory of the Trade Cycle" by Fred E. Foldvary
"The Land Value Taxation Alternative fo rSub-Saharan Africa" by Rexford A. Ahene
"The Greening of the California Desert" by E. Robert Scrofani
"Henry George and the Concept of Natural Law" by Jack Schwartzman
"Henry george and Liberation Theology" by James M. Dawsey
"Henry George's Theory of Value" by Ian Lambert
"Henry George Revisited" by Steven B. Cord




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