FDR : the other side of the coin : how we were tricked into World War II

by Hamilton Fish

Hardcover, 1976

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New York : Vantage Press, c1976.


Hamilton Fish is one of the few living former members of the House of Representatives who participated actively in the consideration of the early New Deal measures and the dramatic prewar debates in 1939-41. His political experience includes 3 years in the New York State Assembly and 25 years in Congress, 10 as ranking minority member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and 4 years in the same capacity on the Rules Committee. His firsthand experience places him in a unique position to write the history of our still almost-unknown involvement in World War II. The early chapters of FDR: The Other Side of the Coin deal with the president's clandestine diplomatic negotiations in the dangerous months before American intervention in World War II: in the Danzig crisis, with which Mr. Fish was deeply involved; the war ultimatum to Japan, kept secret even from Congress, and the unpublicized communications with Ambassador Bullitt and British leaders. Mr. Fish feels that had FDR listened to public opinion, overwhelmingly against American intervention in every poll, Hitler would have attacked Soviet Russia, not Britain and France. He documents how FDR refused every prewar peace concession the Japanese offered, and later refused peace initiatives from the head of the German Secret Service -- at a staggering cost in American lives and the lives of those in Nazi concentration camps. In his analysis of the geopolitical effects of the Yalta agreements, Mr. Fish traces the causes and roots of the Korean and Vietnamese wars to the territorial concessions given the Communists at Yalta. The readers will also note disturbing parallels between the political steps which led to our involvement in World War II and those that proceded the Vietnamese debacle. Above all, this provocative book is a plea for a return to the constitutional government envisioned by the Founding Fathers, with Congress having the sole right and power to declare war. Mr. Fish consistently demonstrates that he trusts and has faith in the American people in both war and peace, and insists that no president, Republican or Democrat, has the legal right to involve the United States in war by trickery in defiance of the Congress, of the will of the American people, and of the Constitution of the United States.… (more)



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xvii, 255 p.; 24 cm


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