Mason Gaffney Research Notes

by Mason Gaffney

Notes, n.d.

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Mason Gaffney research notes organized by subject as described by Mason Gaffney from his personal files. Tags primarily reflect titles assigned by Mr. Gaffney.

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Zoning Mke. Ct. & Gnl., Zesp Change 1 MS., Wunderlich Paper 1985, Wunderlich 1985 Conf Materials, Will Energy Crisis Save Cities, Whose Water Materials, Whose Water 6-91, What is Prop Tax Reform Dec 12 1970, WEU Communications 7-86, Welfare Talk Notes, WEA Talk Davis 1970, Water, Wallace Peterson Notes, W VA Dec 6-8-1990, W VA Assesson 6-71, VIII Policies to Remedy, WII Threat of Crisis, Varcoe 9-94, Vancouver Talk May 86, Valuation of Public Goods, V New Problems How to Cope
, USBC Data & Sources, Urban Redevelopment, United Association of Humanist Economists, ULI Study Ideas Misc Seminal Info, ULI Plans Outlines, U Sinclair Public Goods, U of La on Leasing Policy, UC Irvine 7-22-68, UC AG Research Bias, Tuscon Physical Needs in KWH System, Tuscon Legal Means to Achieve Phy Ec Ends, Tuscon Intermediate Notes, Tuscon Role of WA Law in Dis Economics, Topics Value of Land (Loose File), TM Law, TM Jaw Used Materials, TM Jaw First Draft, Tight Money and Housing Nov 18-19, Thompson Law Class Talk, The Sales Tax History of a Noxious Idea, The Draft, TF Notes on Testimony, TF Notes for Statement by MG, TF Draft Report Notes, Testimony AK 70 Learning Act 3-31-79, Taxes, Taxes and Approp Tech S Barbara, Taxes & Land Ripening, Taxable Value of Land, Tax Exemption, Tapping Land Rents After P-13, Talk to Unitarians Creac, Talk RF7 12-9-71, Talk on LVT, Talk for HGS & WAC Philippine Land, Sydney Talk, Sydney Materials, Sun Adv Housing & Site, STU Barbara Talk on TYPIS, Stillwater Paper Expanded Version, Stewart on Bus Cycles, Stef Cards 69 Num Gaffney, Sta Clara Talk 2-06, SS trust Fund Growth, Speech to BC Mining Expdn Group 1, Special imps - Distros Sids Hagerman Conf., Space and Air Pollution, Sources Air Pollution Level, Soil Depletion and Land Rent, Social Problems 1985, So Milw Land Value, Slogans, Stiglitz, SJ Paper HSkpg, Single Tax, Sierra, Sensitivity, Seminars, Scrc Speech 9-21-77, Scott Conference Mg Notes, Schultz Paper Master & New Material, SCA 12 Rodda 2-77 Feb 23, Salient Points from Mason Gaffney, SL Finance Wis (Smith), S Africa MS, S Africa 1991-1992 Materials, Russ Land, Russ Land Mg Ms, Rural-Urban Competition for Water, RSF Susan, Rowbini, Ripening Tistoc, Rindge Talk 1982, Ricks & Gaffney Analyses, Review Water Supply, Review Aaron for JEL, Reply to Millieman, Replacement Cycles Timing, Rent in a Tax Free Economy Outline, Rent as Constraint on Time, Regression Fallacy & Stefanide Data, Raleigh, Redding MS for Speech, Recycling and Replacement, Realest Analogy, Reed Thesis before Typing, Ben Moreell, Xptn Costs, Social Effects, Rent as Constraint on Occupying Space, R77 Outlines and Ideas, R77 Legenda, R77-77 Equity v Efficiency, R77-77 Early Draft Extension, R77-77 Def of Land & Rent, R7 Complicated Mss, Property Taxation, Property Tax, Prop Tax EC 132, Prop Tax & Equity July 6, Prop 13 Talk & Notes, Programming Instrns 8-3-70 Gaffney, PR Douglas Replacement Model, Piketty, Phoenix ISTA Talk, Phillipine Reform Materials, Phantom Project Index, Peter Colwell, Periph Canal 1982, Peri Camel Detrate UCR 5-10-82 Org, Penn State Talk, Peace Dividends, Peac Dir Chron Peac Corps Talk on Land Reform, Payback Times, Paxdiv London 3-91, Paul's Comments on my Intro, Papers re Mg Contract, Paper on Ideal Land Allocation, Palgrave Research, Overcompulsatory memorial Expansion, Outlines Organization, Outlines, LICTE, Outline Contributing Project, Oral BMS, OR Local Wisconsin, Oil and Tax Unfinished Tax Reform, NY City Pop Growth NYC 1921-31, NTA Paper, Nov 75 Santr Conf on Urban Growth, Notes-Rdgs Odds & Ends, Notes for Commelin Seminar Talk, News Clippings re Gaffney, Neutrality of LVT in Time with Nic Tideman, NCS Unused, MS for Typing Unfinished Business, MS for Typing, MS for Scott, Moscow 4-96, Monticello Paper Unemployment, Montana Colonization Sept 7-9-1976, Montana 6-15-71, Money from Dorset 1948, Misc Notes, Milwaukee Bus Tour, Invitations to Conferences, McGlynn, MEad, McGill Talk, Maxing PV of Mine, Materials Flour and Life, Many Faces of SVT, Mac 04S Notes, LVGACGT Master & Corrienda, LV Slow Cap Recovery, LV & CAP Formation, LRTPP, LP1 Macro Aspects of Replacement, LP used Materials, LP 6 Determining Life Replacement, LP 3 Outlines Ideas, Loud & Credit 83, Loopholes P1 Personal Inc Tax, Longevity Income Tax, LGFW&IB 3-95, Leasing & Pseudo Socialism, Land-Use Reg, Land Tax, Land Nationalization, Land Gaines & Taxes Materials, Land Claims Future Improvements, Land & the Bible, LA Times Opinion, KPFA Water Symposium, Kiwanis Talk Sept 1975, Kent Conference, Kansas City Talk 10-26, K FMTN 9-43 Materials & Ideas, MP of Storage Capacity, Strauss, Federal Water Policy, JEC 1969, IVA2d Opts Deg Latncy, Effects of Untaxing Buildings, Effects on Synergy, Artificial Abundance of Land by PW, IRR After Tax, Inventory of Gathered Materials, Becky Ham, Institute for Defense Analyses Paper, Incorporation Annexation, Information Wanted, Ripening Tax Effects, How to Activate Potential, B4d Density, Columbia Water Development, Staggering, The Present RE Tax Effect on Land Use, IG Loom in Milan, Social Costs of Urban Disintegration, Under Realization of the Urban Promise, Spatial Disintegration, Underutilized Capability of Land, Real Macro Integrated with Spending Macro, Real Macro, Macro Pessimism, Determination Replat & Renewal Timing, Milwaukee Major Land & Fiscal Problems, Hoffman ABUG Contract, HGT and Building Cost, Henry George in 750 Words, Hartford 11-15-69, H Joes, H History of Economic Thought, GT Crash of 2008, Growth Jobs and Scarcity, Groves & Riew Rpt on MC, Grinnel, Great Economist Views on Taking Land, Gov's Urban Renewal Conf Dec 2, Goodrich, Gas Distribution, Fri Nite Lecture, Fr Coughlin, For Art Seattle May 1974, FN Law in US Land 76, LVT and Local Government, LVT Pro & Con, FLC When to Cut a Tree, FLB2B Central Valley Water Development, FLB2A Intergovernmental Water, FLA, FLA Urban Sprawl, Finished MS, Air Pollution, Fatal Affair VAT Materials, Farm TUCY Seminar, Farm Programs Incidence Outlines, Farm Programs Incidence Manuscript, Nations as Monopolists, Local Government and General Interest, Public Finance, Income Tax and Allocation of Land, ID Finance, Decline of Land Tax, Patents, Handling Natural Monopolies, Influences on V, Studies in MVPT, Income Analysis, Fluctuations, Cumulative Processes, Money Markets, Range of Interest Rates, Subsidizing Credit Markets, Monetary Theory and Policy, Big Banks Ins Co FOCI of Finance, Open Ends Stock Ideas, Marketing, Trent of Conc-C Farm Land, Proclamation Line, Land Monopoly, Optimal Size of Hierarchies, Trend of Farm Land, Land Exposition, Larger Holdings Better Land, Interest Rate, Imputation, Futures, Distribution, Concentration of Water Control, Concentration of Foreign Assets, Concentration of Foreign Land, Concentration of Steel Industry, Concentration of Stock Resources, Concentration of Money Liquid Assets, Concentration of US Farm Land, Concentration of US Land, Concentration of Corporate Shares, Concentration of all Business Assets, Concentration of Assets GMT, Administration in Management Hierarchies, Maintaining Competition, Land of Base Monopolies, Cumulative Inelasticities, Role of Credit in Debt Scale of Enterprise, Market Price of Land, MP Labor and Cap on Small Farms, Larger Farms Less Output, Concentration of Assets and Concentration of Output, Larger Firms Less Labor/Land, Disec of Scale Limits to Acc of Scale, Correlation Analysis, Complementary Benefits of Closer Settlement, Benefit Cost Analysis, Investment as a Factor of Production, Uniforms, Unemployment of Labor Elasticity of Supply, Race Discrimination, Public Housing, Monthly Procurement of Oil, Migration of Population, Mobility of Labor, Land Tenure, Under Development Areas Reform, Demography and Maltheus, Leasing and Taxation, Eugene Talk, National Commission on Urban Affairs, ERA Proposal Structural Unemployment 62-63, Env. & Inflation CESPA 10-22-72, Emerson Self Reliance, Effect of SI on Building, El Salvador, EC 105, Earth Day, Finding Optimum U by Maximizing Rent, Dutton Fiscal Impact, Downtown, Westside, Downer College Land Value if Subdivided for Residential Purposes, Land Speculation Model, Roy Bahl, Disposable Income on the Tax Base, Different Effects of DI and AT on Building, Using Property Tax to Achieve Equity, Declining Cash Flow Model, Dane City Talk, Lease Sales, Electric Utility, Phantom Taxes, Mac Chokes, Crystal Cathedral Talk, Criticism of Location Theory Limitation, Who Owns the Water, Cost Analysis, Fiscal Federalism, Benefits of Federal Programs, Inflation and Land, Public and Private Ownership of Minerals, ULI Conference, Immigration, Immigration Population, Clemson Talk, Degradation of Federal Land, Claremont Talk LVT, Land Tax Base, Civil Engineering and our Newest Frontier Reallocating Water, Milwaukee, Division of Land and Improvement Value, Changes in Rail SW Costs, Center for the Study of Democratic Instutitions, Liberal Odyssey 1930-1980 Presentation, Federal Role of Water Development, Challenge Articles, Causes of War, Catholic Awakenings, Cannan, Oil Severance Taxation, EC 321, Agricultural Economics, Rome, Europe and Overseas, Emerging Commerce, Colonial Period, Land Economics, Labor Organizations, Central Planning, International, Intergovernmental, Functions of Government, Business Cycles, Money, Banking, Risk, Waste, Poverty, Unemployment, Price Economics, Production Economics, Agriculture, Organization of Enterprise, Dimensions of American Economy, How Free Contract System Works, What is Economics, Elements of Leasing, Brookings Talk, Bob Rooney, Forest Taxation, Blacksburg, VA, Bard ENVT, Speculation/Investment in Land, Land in Corporate Assets, Optimal Farm Size, Economics of Scale, Pensions, Capital Formation, Property Value Questionnaire for Assessors, Pattern of Malassessment of Land, UCR, ARA Contract Proposal Capital Replacement Economics, Anchorage CPI For Residential Rent for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, Analogies, Urban Expansion, Alfred R. Wallace, Alex Wagner Lough, Water Law, Albany Talk 1-93, Power Plant, Dam, Grassland Water Problem, San Joaquin Valley, Alaska, Ak Extraction, Economic Analysis and Air Conservation, Fiscal Crisis of Cities, AIP, AIER Georgist Research Needs, AIER, AELOS Paper 5-92, AELOS Ideas, AEA 1966 Urban Water Supply, Indivisibility in Time, Tax Capitalization, Taxation of Interjurisdictional E-commerce, River Flow Data, San Joaquin Study Plans, Toward an Economical Allocation of Water, Landholdings, Talk on Henry George 10-9-80, Evolution of the Income Tax on into a National Land Tax, Jacobs, Explosive City Growth, Clustering of Deficits




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