Half and Half

by Lensey Namioka

Paperback, 2004




Yearling (2004), Paperback, 144 pages


At Seattle's annual Folk Fest, twelve-year-old Fiona and her older brother are torn between trying to please their Chinese grandmother and making their Scottish grandparents happy.

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LibraryThing member JanaRose1
Eleven year old Fiona is half Chinese and half Scottish. She is more connected with her Chinese roots, but also considers herself Scottish. When all of her grandparents come to visit, she finds herself torn between pleasing her Scottish grandparents and her Chinese grandmother. With Seattle's annual Folk Fest looming, Fiona must decide if she will dance in the Scottish exhibit, or dress as a Chinese girl for a talk her father is giving. Fiona's desire to please everyone and her worries about fitting in are very relatable. Overall, I think children would highly enjoy this book.… (more)
LibraryThing member Salsabrarian
Fiona Cheng's father is Chinese and her mother is Scottish. When she registers for a folk-dancing class she is stumped over how to classify herself on the registration form: white? Asian? other? Meanwhile the big Folk Fest approaches. Fiona's Scottish grandfather will be directing a Scottish dance performance at the Fest, her brother Ron will be in a kung-fu demonstration and her father, a children's book illustrator will also be presenting. Fiona loves Scottish dancing and she is tapped to sub as as performer. But a program conflict arises: Her father has written a book where the character was inspired by Fiona and he hoped to present her at his lecture...the same time as the dance show. How can Fiona be in two places at the same time? How much of her is Chinese and how much Scottish? Fiona realizes she doesn't need to choose. She is who she is: half and half.… (more)

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144 p.; 5.33 inches


0440418909 / 9780440418900

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young readers
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