Inventing the American Woman: An Inclusive History, Volume 2: Since 1877

by Glenda Riley

Paperback, 2007




Wiley-Blackwell (2007), Edition: 4th, 525 pages


When the first edition of this groundbreaking survey of U.S. women's history first appeared in 1986, no one could have predicted its spectacular success and widespread support--or the vast proliferation of women's history courses in the nation's high schools, colleges, and universities. Informed by the generous feedback of many of "Inventing"'s loyal users--student readers and instructors from every region of the nation--the fourth edition of Glenda Riley's dynamic text remains the most inclusive, accessible, and affordable choice as a core text for the Women's History course, as well as useful supplementary reading for courses in Women's Studies and the U.S. survey. Completely up to date, with expanded coverage of women in the military, sports, women's healthcare, divorce, and women of color--especially Spanish-speaking, American Indian, African American, and Asian American women--this well-balanced, interpretive account portrays the myriad of women's experiences as they shaped and were shaped by American history, and redounds as a remarkable feat of insight and inclusion. As always, each volume features a stunning photographic essay, a visual account from the colonial era to the present.… (more)

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525 p.; 6 inches


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