Commie Girl in the OC

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Paperback, 2008


Checked out


Verso (2008), 193 pages


From her operational-base-cum-family-home, Commie Girl brings you this brave and brilliant journal of daily life in a land where no liberal-humanist sentiment has been detected since the dawn of Reaganism. Whether working her way through a syphilis scare or puzzling in vain over the philosophical conundrum of taking Arnold Schwarzenegger seriously, Commie Girl finds the inner solidarity to hoist the red flag everywhere it isn't welcome. And the ferocious gaiety with which she defends herself from the Versace-decked, HumVee-crashing, Chardonnay-addled denizens of the USA's ultimate evil paradise will draw gasps of astonishment and admiration from all those who think it really can't be that bad.

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193 p.; 6.04 inches


1844672581 / 9781844672585
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