The gentle tamers; women of the old Wild West

by Dee Alexander Brown

Paper Book, 1958




New York, Putnam [1958]


Presents portraits of the outstanding women who helped settle the Western frontier.

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LibraryThing member NellieMc
Originally written in 1958 (this is a 1982 reprint), the book holds up well and is remarkably free of sexism. The author obviously admires all the women in the book, though he draws from all aspects of society, including some characters that it's hard to find much about to admire except for their ability to survive. This characteristic is the one thing all his women, whether he talks about them individually or as a group, have in common and it is fascinating that he can find both diversity and commonality in his cast. This book moves swiftly, is never boring or pedantic -- in fact in several places it is both comedic and touching, but still is realistic enough not to sugarcoat how hard it was to survive and enjoy life. Basically an overview, it leaves you wanting to know a lot more about many of the characters he presents.I don't know enough about the history to know for sure how accurate he is, but given both its publisher (University of Nebraska) and his other books, including Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, I have confidence in his writing.… (more)


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317 p.; 22 cm

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