The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

by Carol J. Adams

Paperback, 1991


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Continuum Intl Pub Group (1991), 256 pages


The Sexual Politics of Meat is Carol Adams' inspiring and controversial exploration of the interplay between contemporary society's ingrained cultural misogyny and its obsession with meat and masculinity. First published in 1990, the book has continued to change the lives of tens of thousands of readers into the second decade of the 21st century. Published in the year of the book's 25th anniversary, the Bloomsbury Revelations edition includes a substantial new afterword, including more than 20 new images and discussions of recent events that prove beyond doubt the continuing relevance of Adams' revolutionary book.

User reviews

LibraryThing member dpf
A bit of a polemic, but nevertheless quite good and thought provoking. I read this a long time ago; I think in 1992, and it had big effect on me. I had been a vegetarian already for 4 years, but this book helped me better articulate some of the reasons behind my decision.
LibraryThing member rampaginglibrarian
made me think about and consider many things i hadn't before--very interesting though i'm not sure all her views are entirely valid.
LibraryThing member scottcholstad
I read this sometime between undergrad and grad school and recall being struck by it, almost like being bludgeoned. But it was passionate, vital even. It impacted me in ways I still can't define and all these years later, I don't know if I have yet to come up with a definitive view of the book's thesis. Nonetheless, I think most people should be exposed to this, so recommended.… (more)


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