The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

by Carol J. Adams

Paperback, 1991


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Continuum Intl Pub Group (1991), 256 pages


An examination of the historical, gender, race and class implications of meat culture, making the links between the practice of butchering/eating animals and the maintenance of male dominance. This tenth anniversary edition includes a new preface by Carol Adams that answers the question she is most often asked: why did you write this book? Adams also discusses new developments in feminist thought and animal rights, and updates the statistics and information provided.

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LibraryThing member dpf
A bit of a polemic, but nevertheless quite good and thought provoking. I read this a long time ago; I think in 1992, and it had big effect on me. I had been a vegetarian already for 4 years, but this book helped me better articulate some of the reasons behind my decision.
LibraryThing member rampaginglibrarian
made me think about and consider many things i hadn't before--very interesting though i'm not sure all her views are entirely valid.


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