Is it Hot in Here? Or is it me? The Complete Guide to Menopause

by Barbara Kantrowitz

Paperback, 2006




Workman Publishing Company (2006), Edition: 1, 532 pages


Written with an uncompromising intelligence and wit by two award-winning Newsweek journalists, this is the essential, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute, deeply optimistic resource for the millions of women in their forties to sixties.The menopause transition - so often mysterious - varies greatly from woman to woman. Finally, here is the one book that makes the full scope of it accessible and understood. It covers the role of hormones and the controversy over hormone therapy. The truth about hot flushes, a top to bottom assessment of the aches, pains and assorted ills that can afflict menopausal women, the impact on sexuality and how to counteract wavering libido. There are chapters on memory,moods, and sleep (how to get it). And how to stay healthy, feeling good and looking beautiful for the next act in your life. It gives a complete approach to losing middle-age weight; the essential exercises to keep bones strong; dealing with dry skin and thinning hair.… (more)

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LibraryThing member zarasecker18

I really enjoyed this book. It’s very similar in design to What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I found the layout of the book very easy to follow and read. It provides just enough information as an introduction to the chapter topic to help the reader get an idea of what is coming next. This introduction is then followed by questions from women - and answered by the authors - pertaining to the topic at hand. These questions work to instruct its readers in what to expect at the menopause stage of the life cycle. They also provide little tidbits of history and other useful tips regarding how to travel through menopause. This format is repeated throughout the chapters and book allowing the reader to pick the book up and start reading wherever they need to.

There was much research done for this book including the authors’ attending seminars, scouring through copious articles, interviewing the best people in the field and spoke at length to “real people” such as “...friends, friends of friends, neighbours, colleagues, members of our book clubs, church sodality groups, even the occasional unlucky soul who sat next to us on” aeroplanes.
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