Maestrapeace: San Francisco's Monumental Feminist Mural

by Juana Alicia

Other authorsAngela Davis (Foreword)
Hardcover, 2019




Heyday (2019), Edition: 1, 224 pages


"A beautiful coffee table book celebrating the Maestrapeace Mural that adorns San Francisco Mission District's Women's Building, in time for the 25th anniversary of the mural in 2019"--

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LibraryThing member Lisa2013
Full 5 stars book. It’s one I wish I could own and one I’ll likely borrow again when the queue number goes way down. I’m returning it early so others who want to read it can get to it sooner rather than later. I’m not keeping it for the full 21 day borrowing period though I was tempted. I read it all, every word including the lists of names, but I’d love to spend more time on so many of its pages.

The book is huge and very, very heavy. If it wasn’t so heavy I’d bring it with me to the Women’s Building to cross check all the mural contents. I’d often wondered who, what, why and this book answers my questions.

This book’s subject made me feel such love for my city of San Francisco. I often say I love only the park/s and the ocean and the weather and the diversity, the libraries and some of the culture, and some of the history of course, but reading this reminded me I love so much more. Most of the times I’ve done things or gone to things at the Women’s Building were so long ago that it was pre-mural and I don’t think I’ve been in there more than once or twice, and extremely briefly, since the mural expanded to the interior. I want to get back, and more than drive by or walk by.

Highly recommended for all feminists, art lovers, mural lovers, public art lovers, San Francisco residents and visitors, and those who like reading about women’s rights and human rights issues, artists, teamwork and collaboration, and everybody really. And anyone who spends time or will spend time in San Francisco should see this artwork and read the book to better understand it. It’s amazing! Just looking at the mural you can see that it’s intricate, detailed, meaningful, but the book shows just how much. Even if you’ll never see the mural, I recommend reading this book. It will give readers the next best thing to seeing it and provide the information not clear from just viewing the art itself.
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