Species traitor #4

by Kevin Tucker (Editor)

Journal (paper), 2005




Black and Green Press (2005), 192 pages

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How can you not love Kevin and his boner sweats?
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Chilling and impassioned collection of essays and reviews arguing for the destruction of civilization and a return to a pre-agricultural economy. Tucker acknowledges the enormous reduction in population associated with such a change but glosses over the transition. In an essay in which Tucker criticizes the Unabomber's politics while endorsing his activities there are detailed instructions on destructive action against electricity distribution and transport networks. Throughout the book there are celebratory anthropological snippets supporting Tucker's political stance and an equivocal attitude towards animal liberation. Superficially consistent, the arguments of Tucker and his other contributors largely disregard the immediate consequences of their praxis on the grounds because they are so convinced of the merits of their ends.… (more)


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