Taz : tilapäinen autonominen alue, ontologinen anarkismi & poeettinen terrorismi

by Hakim Bey

Other authorsMikael Brygger (KAnt.)
Paper Book, 2009



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Turku : Savukeidas, 2009.


'Who is Hakim Bey? I love him!' Timothy Leary'Exquisite...' Allen Ginsberg'Hard-line dada/surrealism' Rudy Rucker'A Blake angel on bad acid' Robert Anton Wilson'Scares the shit out of us' Church of the SubGeniusThe underground cult bestseller! Essays that redefine the psychogeographical nooks of autonomy. Recipes for poetic terror, anarcho -black magic, post-situ psychotropic surgery, denunciations of spiritual addictions to vapid infotainment cults -- this is the bastard classic, the watermark impressed upon our minds. Where conscience informs praxis, and action infects consciousness, T.A.Z. is beginning to worm its way into above-ground culture.This book offers inspired blasts of writing, from slogans to historical essays, on the need to insert revolutionary happiness into everyday life through poetic action, and celebrating the radical optimism present in outlaw cultures. It should appeal to alternative thinkers and punks everywhere, as it celebrates liberation, love and poetic living.The new edition contains the full text of Chaos: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism, the complete communiques and flyers of the Association fo Ontological Anarchy, the long essay 'The Temporary Autonomous Zone,' and a new preface by the author.'A literary masterpiece...' Freedom'A linguistic romp...' Colin Wilson'Fascinating...' William Burroughs… (more)

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LibraryThing member manque
A near-worthless collection of disorganized ramblings and pseudo-anarchic mumbo-jumbo. Is this supposed to be spiritual, or inspired, or even revolutionary? Try self-indulgent, juvenile, and laughably mainstream. Just one example ought to prove the point: Bey advocates walking into your local Citibank branch and taking a shit on the floor. Wow, man, that's gonna change things! How radical! No, wait, that's just stupid...

Seriously overhyped nonsense on display here, without a shred of actual analysis, insight, or inspiration to be found. If I could give it zero stars, I would.
… (more)
LibraryThing member skylightbooks
The title alone should be enough of an intrigue to get your attention. Hakim Bey is probably the most popular American writer that no one has ever heard of (check out how many websites are linked to him). For those in the know, Bey is easily the most cutting edge and controversial political philosopher at the end of this American Century. I would go so far as to say that he has the ability to approach common problems of 20th century politics with the same lateral-thinking genius that Einstein brought to 19th century physics; he sidesteps the implicit and invisible assumptions of most political dialogue, treating social change as a zen koan and anarchism as Western culture's crass attempt at something equivalent to Taoism. I promise that you've never read anything quite like this. -Charles… (more)
LibraryThing member humdog
i love hakim bey.
i love him.
i have always loved him.
more people should read his books.
brilliant brilliant brilliant.
LibraryThing member owen1218
Author is a nasty pedophile and advocates plastering pictures of naked children outdoors.


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