by Debra White Smith

Paperback, 2006


Amanda, Book #5 inDebra White Smitha's Austen Series, is adelightful contemporary novel set in Australiathat captures the wit and humor of Jane Austena's Emma. Amanda is a bit boreda'until she meets Haley and decides thatwith a little sprucing up, she would be the perfect wife for the local pastor. Amandaa'splan is falling into place when she discovers that Haley is dating Roger...and PastorEldridge is seeing someone else. Not to be thwarted, she steers Haley toward newcomerFrederick West. But when Haley is attracted to Nathaniel, why is Amandaa's heartsuddenly anxious? Readers will love this lively tale of plans gone awry,affection in unexpected places, and the power of faith and love.


0736908757 / 9780736908757
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