How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team

by Charles Stanley

Hardcover, 1986


Your kids need you! You need look no further than the latest headlines to realize that parenting has become more difficult?and kids of every age still need engaged, involved parents. Now, more than ever, your children need you! In this best-selling book, Dr. Charles Stanley reminds parents that their stewardship role in raising their children requires a hands-on presence. Are you interested?and participating?in their activities, or are you too busy? Do you treat their childhood crises with the importance they deserve, or are these events trivialized? Are you communicating to them your unconditional love? To keep your children on your team, Dr. Stanley asserts, you must let them know that you are on theirs. Dr. Stanley guides you as you learn to create and maintain loving, loyal parent-child relationships, using these four main themes: Children are a gift from God. You should treat them with love and respect. You should hand down to them your faith, instilling in them moral values. You should demonstrate your own accountability to God. By focusing on these things, you can raise confident, happy, self-controlled kids who will hold fast to the values you've taught them. " . . . and when he is grown, he will not depart from it." Enriched by personal anecdotes from this internationally known author, How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team is a must-have for today's Christian parents and includes a study and discussion guide at the end.… (more)


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