Answering The Call

by John M. Ensor

Paperback, 2003


In 1973 the Supreme Court decision in the landmark Roe v. Wade case overturned laws prohibiting abortion in America. Forty years later, the struggle to protect the sanctity of human life continues. Today a new generation of Christian leaders in America is rising to the occasion and gathering strength. Young pastors speaking with moral clarity and grace, student leaders on campuses, bloggers, investigative reporters, researchers, and activists are assuming leadership roles and urging a new generation of Christians to answer the call to cherish and defend innocent human life. In this newly revised and updated edition of Answering the Call, John Ensor provides an invaluable resource that clearly lays out a blueprint for the life-affirming Christian response to the abortion issue that is as urgently needed as ever. John Ensor is the President of PassionLife Ministries, a global-missions initiative to spread the gospel of life and expand the pregnancy help movement in countries suffering the highest abortion rates in the world. An Evangelical pastor, John has served the pregnancy help movement in the US for over twenty years as a leader, speaker, writer, trainer, and co-laborer. To learn more visit: Book jacket.… (more)


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