The sound of trumpets

by John Mortimer

Hardcover, 1998




London : Viking, 1998. First ed.


After the death of a Tory MP in dubious circumstances, New Labour arrives in the Rapstone Valley in the shape of Terry Flitton and his very PC wife, Kate. The seat is captured, but at the at the terrible price of collaboration with the old Thatcherite Lord Titmuss, still a force in the area.

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LibraryThing member mwittman
The entire set of the Rapstone series, featuring that dreadful politician Leslie Titmuss - pokes fun at Tories and Liberals alike, from social pretensions to oh, let's say, sexual oddities (more the Tory side of things, probably). Reminds me of my village in Kent. Can be read and re-read, without
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dimishing enjoyment!
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LibraryThing member the.ken.petersen
The style of this book reminded me of Priestley's tales of red brick universities: a comfortable, not laugh aloud, but amusing read.

As with all good fiction, this book also highlights truths in the real world. Terry Flitton is a socialist but, he is willing to compromise his beliefs in the drive
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for power. The Conservative Leslie Titmuss, on the other hand, appears to stab his party in the back by supporting Terry but, this is merely part of a long term plan. Where have I seen this before? Conservatives are experts on slicing a sliver from the opposition, converting them, and moving on to the next. Divide and conquer - a phrase created for the right.
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Local notes

Signed by author. Dust jacket covered.
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