A line in the sand

by Gerald Seymour

Paper Book, 1999




London : Bantam Press, c1999.


A decade ago, Frank Perry had privileged access to Iran's chemical-weapons installations -- a mission he believed was well behind him after he had built a new life in an English coastal village. But now Iran has dispatched its most deadly assassin, code-named the Anvil, to target the spy who single-handedly crippled Iran's killing capacity. While his protectors race to save him, a new threat looms -- as residents of his town, and those whom he believed to be his friends, close ranks against the man who may pay for his past by putting their security on the line. The internationally acclaimed author who creates "palm-sweating tension" "(New York Times)" in his electrifying espionage fiction, Gerald Seymour brilliantly masterminds the plight of an ordinary man caught in a violent crossfire.… (more)

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LibraryThing member gmmartz
Line in the Sand is a great example of why I'm such a fan of Gerald Seymour. He's a talented writer who knows the business of spying, the Middle East, and police procedures, and he knows how to put together a story that truly engages the reader.

In this case, the main character happens to betray the
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wrong Iranians, he's holed up with an assumed identity in a small English coastal town, an assassin has been dispatched to gain revenge, and rather than running he elects to stay with his family under the 'protection' of the British government. Everyone knows the assassin is on the way, they just don't know who he is or how he plans to attack, and the book covers the preparation, the behind the scenes work to identify the attacker, and the eventual resolution.

I really loved this book, but in typical Seymour fashion he introduces viewpoints and characters that, at the time, you have no idea how they fit into the picture. They eventually do become part of the story, but to me it's a bit distracting in that I'm constantly trying to figure out how they'll be introduced into the action. Other than that, it's a great read, well-written with excellent character development and a satisfying conclusion. I recommend it highly!
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