Leonard Woolf : a biography

by Victoria Glendinning

Paper Book, 2006




New York : Free Press, c2006.


An account of the life and career of the Bloomsbury political intellectual and husband of Virginia Woolf covers his comfortable Jewish childhood, role in inspiring the League of Nations, and relationships with such figures as E.M. Forster and T.S. Eliot.

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LibraryThing member jmcgross
You’d think maybe not much more could be written about Virginia Woolf and the group of early 20th century artists and intellectuals knows as Bloomsbury set? Wrong. Victoria Glendinning’s biography of Leonard Woolf brings to life a forgotten link in all this. Leonard Woolf was remarkable man, an
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author, publisher (the Hogarth Press), active in political and foreign affairs.

The Woolf family were Jews who came to the UK in the early 19th Century at a time of growing tolerance, when racial laws were changing, unlike other parts of Europe.

Interesting to me was his early life at Cambridge, where he was a member of The Apostles and met the leading light of the time. Later he some years spent in the civil service in Ceylon. He gave up this careers and returned to England and married Virginia. VW’s mental illness meant their life was difficult and if it had not been for LW’s devotion and care VW would probably not have lived long enough to write her masterpieces. This has been speculated upon by others and seems to be true. He comes across as a ‘man for all seasons’, an urbane, cultivated man, ahead of his time in political and social attitudes.

His own writing included columns for the New Statesman and The Nation. He wrote also on subjects as far ranging as life in early 20th century colonial Ceylon and various political works and a 5 volume autobiography. LW lived a full, long life for another 28 years after VW’s death.

Thanks to LW a vast amount of Virginia’s diaries and letters were preserved and spawned a veritable industry of Bloomsbury research. VW had wanted them all destroyed
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LibraryThing member judye
A thorough and touching biography of the man who supported Virginia Woolf and started the Hogarth Press. References to a known culture from a different perspective. The writing is engaging and fluent.
LibraryThing member AnneliM
A new picture of the husband of the fanous Virigina Woolff and his important role he played in her life
LibraryThing member timswings
A balanced and well researched biography. Glendinning paints a portrait of Leonard Woolf in which he comes to life in his own right. He was the husband of Victoria Woolf and as such he played an important role as her soul mate and caretaker. He had friends in the Bloomsbury group. But he was also
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an intellectual, and an original thinker. Member of the Labor party, owner of the Hogarth Press. Very interesting also, are his experiences as a colonial administrator in Ceylon and his interest in the people there. Glendinning gives also a lot of information of the broader society context in which the experiences of Woolf can be placed
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