The married man

by Edmund White

Paper Book, 2000




London : Chatto & Windus, 2000.


A middle-aged American works out in a Paris Gym - an ordinary day, except that he catches the eye of a stranger. Wary and on the rebound from a bruising affair, he thinks nothing will come of this. Yet slowly, life takes on the colour of romance.

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LibraryThing member DanDanRevolution
Uninspiring prose layered onto weak plot and thin characters create a near nauseating tale of early nineties AIDS-related gloom.
LibraryThing member whitewavedarling
I found reviews that raved about this being one of White's most vibrant and beautifully written novels, but if that is true, I'm not sure how he's managed such a successful career. For me, this was a dull and depressing book with flat writing and characters that varied from being flat to unlikable
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to simply boring. One of the reviews of White's work labels him as "our most influential chronicler of gay life", and perhaps that is true since I certainly don't know the reach of his influence--I do know that this is one of the last books I'd recommend for someone looking into novels that "chronicle gay life". So many other authors come to mind--Paul Monette for one, if we're looking for a prolific author--that makes this work (and writing) pale in comparison.

Simply, I wouldn't ever find myself in a position to recommend this work. If I hadn't been determined to finish it, I never would have made it pas the first hundred pages. I grant that the book picked up pace in the second half, but the lackluster and seemingly wandering ending took away any momentum or worth that I might have begun to see along the way. In the end, for me, this just wasn't worth the time, and I saw nothing here that hasn't been done more gracefully and smartly elsewhere.
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LibraryThing member anderlawlor
i enjoyed this novel because edmund white is such a beautiful writer and it bothered me at points because the class stuff seems so unconscious but upon reflection i may have misread it. if you want a well-written gay book, white's always a go-to guy.

if you want it, email me & i'll mail it to
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LibraryThing member dbsovereign
Whew - what a VERY depressing book this is! Especially if you know or have known anyone who died of the plague (HIV/AIDS). White chronicles, in unstinting detail, the gradual decline and painful death of the character who happens to have been a married man (who becomes the lover of the central
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character). Dying people are not usually happy and they tend to not be very pleasant to be around - especially when they are in pain - so this tale is just downright excruciating most of the time. Warning: this is an especially graphic novel.
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