Shadow : five presidents and the legacy of Watergate

by Bob Woodward

Hardcover, 1999




New York, NY : Simon & Schuster, c1999.


A New York Times Notable Book of the Year Twenty-five years ago, after Richard Nixon resigned the presidency, Gerald Ford promised a return to normalcy. "My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over," President Ford declared. But it was not. The Watergate scandal, and the remedies against future abuses of power, would have an enduring impact on presidents and the country. In Shadow, Bob Woodward takes us deep into the administrations of Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton to describe how each discovered that the presidency was forever altered. With special emphasis on the human toll, Woodward shows the consequences of the new ethics laws, and the emboldened Congress and media. Powerful investigations increasingly stripped away the privacy and protections once expected by the nation's chief executive. Shadow is an authoritative, unsettling narrative of the modern, beleaguered presidency.… (more)

User reviews

LibraryThing member kkirkhoff
We start the day after Watergate and follow each of the Presidents through their terms. The book shows how the media and public opinion of the Presidency has changed since Watergate. Also it shows the way each of the Presidents treat sensitive issues in the wake of Watergate. Scandals (or maybe just rough patches) affecting Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton are examined in great detail. Fascinating information on all except Clinton. I've read and heard so much about him it was all just repeat. I now see Ford, Reagan, and Carter in a very different light. Not a bad light, just different. They're human.… (more)
LibraryThing member JBD1
Nixon-Clinton and the impact of Watergate. Well done.
LibraryThing member MrDickie
Interesting book by Washington Post reporter, Bob Woodward about the impact of the Nixon Watergate scandal on the five following presidents. The book throws into doubt the judgment of appointing Special Counsels to investigate the dealings of presidents and their staffs without clearly establishing the scope and time limits of the investigation in the enabling documents.… (more)


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