Reclaiming conservatism : how a great American political movement got lost--and how it can finds its way back

by Mickey Edwards

Hardcover, 2008




Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.


A leading figure in the American conservative movement for over 40 years, Mickey Edwards was a prominent Republican congressman, a former national chairman of the American Conservative Union, and a founding trustee of the Heritage Foundation. When he speaks, conservatives listen. Now, in this highly provocative and frank volume, Edwards argues loud and clear that conservatives today have abandoned their principles and have become champions of that which they once most feared. The conservative movement--which once nominated Barry Goldwater for President, and later elected Ronald Reagan--was bas.

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After reading this work, I wonder whether I might be a conservative after all! Edwards provides a very thought provoking look at what is means to be a conservative (versus a neo-conservative and modern-day Republican). Paralleling Alterman's Why We're Liberals, Edwards provides a summary description of conservative thought and how the current Republican party, Post-Bush I, has veered far from the standards of this thought.

As someone who is not a conservative, it is difficult to clearly judge the accuracy of Edwards' account; however, if his description (essentially Goldwater-esque) is accurate, than it makes sense that most Americans probably are conservatives.
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