The safari companion : a guide to watching African mammals, including hoofed mammals, carnivores, and primates

by Richard Estes

Paper Book, 1999




White River Junction, VT : Chelsea Green Pub. Co., 1999. Revised Edition

User reviews

LibraryThing member ricklibrarian
Most of our books on animal behavior generalize. Readers will find descriptions of the behaviors of antelopes or felines and will have to apply the information to the species that they are studying. In Safari Companion, Richard D. Estes gets very specific. He tells you why the reedbuck is prancing with its nose in the air and how to identify the lion's head-low threat. This book devotes several pages to every mammal species of eastern and southern Africa and includes many details on habitat, activity, social systems, foraging, predation, reproduction, and maternal care. Scent marking, pawing, territorial displays, and many other behaviors are identified. Small but very effective drawings by Daniel Otte supplement the text. His tiny silhouettes help readers quickly identify postures related to behaviors and make this a great book to have in the field.

Safari Companion will not replace Omari, Suleiman, or Patrick, who will help you find and view African wildlife. These professionals are essential on a camera safari. Still anyone traveling to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, or South Africa to visit the national game parks will want this book. Students doing animal research at the library will also benefit. I recommend this guidebook to every library.
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LibraryThing member maybedog
This is an amazing book and I'm angry that I hadn't heard of it when I went to Africa. I would have taken it everywhere. Very thorough, this book has descriptions of a large quantity of the most commonly seen wildlife in Africa. It includes sub species for example three different types of zebra. The information includes general information and description, social structure, movement, reproduction and in depth descriptions of communication in different relationships such as mother and child, aggression and dominance, courtship, play and so forth. Yet all this is described clearly and concisely in two or three pages. This book is genius and I must own a copy.… (more)


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