Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little

by Christopher Johnson

Hardcover, 2011




New York : W. W. Norton & Co., c2011.


A branding consultant explains how to craft miniature messages such as headlines, titles, sound bites, brand names, domain names, and slogans that grab attention, communicate effectively, and stick in the mind, focusing each chapter on a particular tool.

Media reviews

Implicit in "Microstyle" is the faith that you can say a lot in relatively few words, imply even more and broaden the effect still further by immersing the reader in the depths of connotation and feeling.
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The New York Times
Christopher Johnson’s lively first book, “Microstyle: The Art of Writing Little,” is a work of pop linguistics that doesn’t have much that’s blindingly new to say. That is, it synthesizes a wide range of current thinking from recent books about grammar, branding, cognitive science and Web theory. But it does so with intelligence and friendly wit.

User reviews

LibraryThing member HadriantheBlind
Very interesting and quick read. How to get yourself heard quickly and effectively - be personal, be brief, be interesting, be relevant.
LibraryThing member lovelylime
This is a must read for people interested in language, and of course, writers.

It's really quite brilliant, the author really takes in account the different social aspects--mostly on the web, all the while covering things like the elevator pitch and company names. It really goes into the reasons why we like the simple things we do--like Coca-Cola.… (more)
LibraryThing member lucaconti
Too much focused on advertising



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