The Shape of a Pocket

by John Berger

Hardcover, 2001




Pantheon (2001), Edition: 1St Edition, 272 pages


The pocket in question is a small pocket of resistance. A pocket is formed when two or more people come together in agreement. The resistance is against the inhumanity of the new world economic order. The people coming together are the reader, me and those the essays are about — Rembrandt, Palaeolithic cave painters, a Romanian peasant, ancient Egyptians, an expert in the loneliness of certain hotel bedrooms, dogs at dusk, a man in a radio station. And unexpectedly, our exchanges strengthen each of us in our conviction that what is happening to the world today is wrong, and that what is often said about it is a lie. I’ve never written a book with a greater sense of urgency. —John Berger

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LibraryThing member HarryHaller86
Excellent approach to the process of art creation. The author shows a delicate and sensitive vision of all the forms of artistic expression, making the reader feel an intimate and private bond with the book and the author. It's almost as if reading about the way her understands art one is stepping
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into the author's feelings. Brilliant, specially the first part
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LibraryThing member mykl-s
This is one I read years ago, and now in 2022, do not recall what it said. Still, I want to keep this record, because ...


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