Maximus Poems

by Charles Olson

Paperback, 1975





Jargon / Corinth Books (1975), Fifth Printing. 229 pages


Praised by his contemporaries and emulated by his successors, Charles Olson (1910-1970) was declared by William Carlos Williams to be "a major poet with a sweep of understanding of the world, a feeling for other men that staggers me." This complete edition brings together the three volumes of Olson's long poem (originally published in 1960, 1968, and 1975) in an authoritative version.

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LibraryThing member dawnpen
The Maximus poems will do as they do and I will read them all one day but not now. But I have to read Heroditus and know something about Tyre and also the deep history of Virginia and Boston and the kinds of salt to keep fish and what exactly a shoal feels like and if Adam Smith really was a poet,
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if he was cured of his skin's burns and "meubles" and Thucidides and furthermore Orontes, which C.O. calls a "congested poem." You see all of this plus stuff is to be mine upon reading and reading my C.O.
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LibraryThing member abirdman
I know this is an important book, but I can't seem to get Charles Olson as hard as I try. I will continue to try.
LibraryThing member whitewavedarling
A dense and careful exploration of Gloucester, this collection documents a time and culture now barely known, and participates in a conversation over history and another way of life. With various forms and voices, Olson's experimental text is as much history as poetry, particularly as pertaining to
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the lives of New England fishermen in America's beginning decades. This is not an easy read, but it's a treasure for readers interested in the early history of New England and/or in experimental verse.

Not for every reader, but certainly for some: challenging, worthwhile, and strangely intoxicating once it's begun.
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LA Times Book Prize (Finalist — Poetry — 1984)


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