The Penguin book of twentieth-century speeches

by Brian MacArthur (Editor)

Paperback, 1992




London, England ; New York : Viking, 1992.


Whether it was Churchill rousing the British to war, Fidel Castro inspiring the Cuban revolution, Bill Clinton defending himself against Monica Lewinsky or Tony Blair leading New Labour out of the wilderness, great speakers have always had the power to stir hearts, uphold great ideals and lead nations to new frontiers. This anthology, newly revised to include speeches from the end of this century, contains the most famous or notorious speeches in English since 1899, as well as speeches in translation from world leaders, including Lenin, Hitler and Stalin. There are also lesser-known masterpieces from such speakers as Roger Casement, J. B. Priestley, and Salman Rushdie. Many helped to change the history of the twentieth century.

User reviews

LibraryThing member jontseng
Gritty, heart-rending and occasionally uplifting. A reminder of why the last century has been called the Age of Extremes.
LibraryThing member encephalical
Disappointingly low number of speeches from outside the Anglosphere or Europe. Quite a few that seem to concern internecine squabbles in UK political parties.



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