Bridging cultures : map & guide

by Seattle Art Museum

Paperback, 2007




London : Scala, 2007.


The guide highlights the many different ways in which the museum's permanent collection may now be experienced, with details and insights of selected artworks. The Forum installation leads the way to the spacious Modern and Contemporary galleries. American art from the 18th to 19th centuries has been intentionally sited adjacent to the renowned 19th and 20th century Native American art collection, where collaboration between living artists and native advisors is featured. Samplings of creativity from the past as well as the present are the focus of the Australian Aboriginal and Oceanic Art gallery, the Meso-American and Andean Art, and the Pan-Asian Art galleries. Not to be missed is the Porcelain Room, with 1,000 exquisite works of porcelain, and a recently restored Renaissance room from 17th-century Italy. This publication has been planned to coincide with the museum re-opening and give the visitor a sense of the experience the new installation offers, and to serve as an enticing visual prompt for further explorations.… (more)



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