Ways of forgetting, ways of remembering : Japan in the modern world

by John W. Dower

Paper Book, 2012




New York : New Press, c2012.


John Dower is a leading historian on modern Japan. These new reflections look at key 20th century moments in relations between the US and Japan, focusing on Japanese perceptions of the US: how the Japanese saw Hiroshima, American occupation and changes in their lives. Readers also catch a glimpse of Japanese attitudes towards their war crimes. Finally, Dower offers blistering comments on George W. Bush's attempts to justify the invasion of Iraq by citing Dower's own work.

User reviews

LibraryThing member Shrike58
If you've been reading Dower's work over the years there will be very few real surprises here; the real attraction is the man's commentary on his work and the field in general and how the historiography of Japan has developed. At the very least Dower has developed a certain disdain for modernization theory, which he now sees as a means of rationalizing the imperialism in all but name of the neo-conservative enthusiasts of American power projection.… (more)


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